June 23, 2024


Parisuhteen lyhyt kertaus

Excursion day at the lake

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What a lovely summer day it was! The sun was shining brightly, creating a warm glow over the forest, and the crystal clear water of the lake sparkled like a thousand diamonds. Luna, the white duck, was excited to spend the day with her best friend, Sunny, the yellow chicken. They had planned a party, the theme of which would be an excursion day at the lake. Luna had invited their friends, Frost and Oakley, along with the cubs of the fox family.

When they arrived at the lake, Luna and Sunny couldn’t help but notice the abundance of colorful fish, crabs, and exotic animals swimming in the water. They even noticed pigeons flying overhead, and Luna sent a message to her friends to join their party.

Family celebrations

The fox family soon arrived, bringing with them their five adorable cubs, full of energy and excitement. The party was in full swing, everyone was playing games and having a great time. The picnic baskets were filled with all kinds of delicious snacks, from juicy bugs to sweet berries.

As they sat down to enjoy their meal, they noticed that half of the guests were relatives of Luna and Sunny. The little ducks and chickens that lived around the lake were part of their extended family, and they were excited to celebrate together.

After lunch, they decided to turn the boats upside down on the beach and sleep under them for the night. The air was warm and still, and everyone was tired but happy. As they settled in for the night, they suddenly heard a rustling in the bushes. Out came a big green bear whose fur glistened in the moonlight.

At first everyone was surprised, but surprisingly the bear was friendly and finally grateful for the food shared at the picnic. It introduced itself as Boris and explained that it had been traveling for many days to find food. Luna and Sunny welcomed Boris to their little party and they all shared stories and laughed together.

At the evening campfire

As the night wore on, they decided to sing around the campfire, and everyone joined in singing funny songs and telling jokes. The fox cubs even taught Boris their favorite tricks, and he was amazed by their agility and quick thinking.

As night approached, Luna and Sunny thanked their friends for the lake party. They all agreed it had been one of the best days ever and couldn’t wait to do it again. And as they drifted off to sleep under the stars, they knew they would always cherish the memories of this special day together.

A surprise gift

But they didn’t know that Boris had one more surprise up his sleeve. While they slept, he began to dig a small hole in the sand, and when he finished, he disappeared into it. The next morning, Luna and Sunny woke up to find that Boris had left them a special gift – a beautiful stone statue of a duck and a chicken holding hands. It was a symbol of their friendship and unity, and would remain a precious reminder of their magical lake views forever.

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