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Stock Market Board Game

Stock Market Board Game
Stock Market Board Game
Stock Market has impressive cash
Stock Market has impressive cash
Gaming mat
The Polyester Board Game mat, anti-slip, durable

Manual UK

Stock Market

-Stock Market Board Game – stock exchange board game a business world strategy game 

– large, roll up board game mat, easy to care
– new way to play: no dice needed (option)
If they believe, they’ve see everything in the field of financial strategy games, here comes absolutely revolutionary way to play. Realistic, easy to play, but not too simple. Stock Exchange business is not that easy in real life also. No need for paper or other memo materials. Playing could be just as intensive and stress loaded as real life stock broker life, while waiting for the profits to come and still everything could collapse in a moment.
The game has all benefits to become next big name in the field of financial strategy gaming. It suits best for the advanced players over 10 years old. It’s a demanding product for those, who likes to dive into parallel universe of game

The package includes:

– Gaming mat, anti-slip bottomed polyester fabric
– 4 x 20 pcs investment tokens
– 10 pcs exchange rate indicator tokens
– 2 dice
– banknotes made with impressive graphics
– Manual
Age preference 10+
2-4 players
Gaming time 40-120 min
CE, EAN 4742023360186
Gaming mat 48×100 cm
Package 50 x ø 8 cm
Release date: 28.3.2019
MSRP US$34.90 worldwide (VAT 0%)
RRP € 34.90 inside EU (VAT 20%)


Packed into Stock Market tube case 50 x ø 8 cm:

Order Stock Market -game with 48×100 cm mat, price 28.90 €

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