May 29, 2024


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New Morning – Unknown

The new book is published : New Morning – Unknown

New Morning - Unknown
New Morning – Unknown



Authors : Golubenko – Honkaneva

Publisher: Lite Lion Europe OÜ

Year: 2020 January

Language: en

Edition: 1

Category: Novel


Two women live their lives in the swirl of their everyday routine: a polished EU-parliamentarian and a teacher from Crimea overwhelmed with her tasks. It looks like they have it all. But once their universes cross, nothing is going to be the same again. 

Based on the events of contemporary history, this is a timely, straightforward and captivating story that leaves no one cold. The writers skillfully guide the reader through life, in which struggling with intrusive routine, convoluted relationships, the oppressive threat of war and the intimate moments of a politically unconventional couple collide to lead to new day’s dawn.

Epub (link to shopping cart)   7.99 € ISBN 9789949742028

Pdf (link to shopping cart)      7.99 € ISBN 9789949742011

Mobi (link to 11.18 € ISBN 9789949742035

Paperback (link to ~18.00 € ISBN 9789949742004

New Morning - Unknown
New Morning – Unknown

Paperback, (link to shopping cart) 18.00 € ISBN 9789949742004

New Morning - Unknown
New Morning – Unknown

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