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Nigerian-Cameroon letters

Probably you know, that some countries in Africa are famous about scams, we call them Nigerian-Cameroon letters . There are lot of people who don´t work, but just plan about crazy stories. I have collected some of them and step by step I publish them. They are really funny, it is really sad, that some people believe them. In some moment, anyway, you should pay something 🙁 When I have enough of stories, I will publish e-book about them. Let´s read.

Nigerian-Cameroon letters
Nigerian-Cameroon letters

Former defense minister


[13.04, 21.10.2019] Esa: Hello, thank you for your reply, nice to know you. My name is Esa.
[13.04, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Ok Esa
[13.04, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Are you make or female?
[13.05, 21.10.2019] Esa: Sorry, I forgot, I am a man.
[13.05, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Ok sir
[13.05, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: So what business are you into currently?
[13.07, 21.10.2019] Esa: I am doing in international sales….
[13.08, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Ok sir
[13.08, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: So how long have you been into this and are you the owner of the company?
[13.09, 21.10.2019] Esa: They are family business….
[13.10, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Wow that great
[13.11, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: So how many people have you contacted regarding this business partnership?
[13.12, 21.10.2019] Esa: No one, it was some kind of intuition when I saw your contact details.
[13.13, 21.10.2019] Esa: It is hard to find trustful partners in internet, they are usually all scam.
[13.13, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Where did you see my contact details sir?
[13.13, 21.10.2019] Esa: One week ago, in Papua New Guinea site.
[13.13, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Ohk
[13.14, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Sorry I didn’t introduced myself to 3
[13.15, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: My name is Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o former defense minister in Cameroon
[13.15, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Actually I had some problems with my government some time back and was sent to jail where I am right now
[13.15, 21.10.2019] Esa: Nice to meet you, Mr. Edgar. Sorry to hear that.
[13.15, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Most of my properties and businesses were seized and my bank accounts frozen
[13.17, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: So I decided to invest out of the country
[13.17, 21.10.2019] Esa:
[13.17, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: With my secret savings account
[13.18, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: So have you met with anyone regarding this same proposal?
[13.18, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: You will be working in partnership with my son whom we will make arrangements for him to come over
[13.19, 21.10.2019] Esa: Absolutely not with anybody.
[13.19, 21.10.2019] Esa: I am waiting to meet him, Mr. Edgar.
[13.20, 21.10.2019] Esa: Can I ask, in which town you are at the moment?
[13.20, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: I am in Cameroon
[13.20, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Like I explained to you ealier
[13.21, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Am writing you from jail now
[13.21, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: So we will not be chatting aften because I will not want the security to notice ok
[13.21, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Sir do you speak english well?
[13.23, 21.10.2019] Esa: Enough well to do my business…
[13.23, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Wow that’s great
[13.24, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Please I will want you an my son to work together with trust and confidentiality
[13.25, 21.10.2019] Esa: Of course, I am ready. Is he able to meet me in North Europe?
[13.26, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: I will have to chat with him first because he will have to travel first to Canada where the funds are and then make arrangements to transfer the funds to you before coming to meet you
[13.27, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: He is the only signatory to secret account
[13.27, 21.10.2019] Esa: I understand.
[13.27, 21.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: So when I chat with him I will update you ok
[13.28, 21.10.2019] Esa: No problems, you can trust me.
[22.09, 23.10.2019] Esa: Sorry, I was traveling, I had some communication problems
[22.10, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Om sir
[22.10, 23.10.2019] Esa: Ok, I am listening
[22.11, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Sorry I lost our communication
[22.12, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Where were we and what’s your name again sir?
[22.12, 23.10.2019] Esa: My name is Esa…
[22.13, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Where did we end with our communication?
[22.13, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Please remind me
[22.13, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: You are from…
[22.14, 23.10.2019] Esa: You told about your son, yes,…
[22.15, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Ok sure I get it now and what business did you say you are into again?
[22.15, 23.10.2019] Esa: I did international sales…
[22.16, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Ok
[22.16, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Sorry about the questions just want to make sure its you ok
[22.17, 23.10.2019] Esa: No problems,
[22.17, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: I have concluded everything with my son and he told me he will start with the traveling arrangements and when he is done he will give me updates
[22.18, 23.10.2019] Esa: Ok, it is fine
[22.18, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: He will be traving to Canada where the funds are so that he will make plans to transfer the funds to you before meeting with you
[22.18, 23.10.2019] Esa: Ok, sounds good
[22.19, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Please I am trusting this to you please do not fail me
[22.19, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Where I am right now that’s the only money that can sustain my whole family even yours if its invested wisely
[22.19, 23.10.2019] Esa: No, I never cheat anybody, even if I would have enemy 🙂
[22.20, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: So please you will have to take care of my son for me ok
[22.21, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Please I want to get one more confirmation from you
[22.21, 23.10.2019] Esa: Sure, if this is situation, you can trust me 100%. I did business all my life
[22.21, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Can you send me the email address that you contacted me from ?
[22.22, 23.10.2019] Esa: Info@,,,
[22.23, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Ok that’s true sir
[22.23, 23.10.2019] Esa: Thank you
[22.23, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: And then my own email?
[22.24, 23.10.2019] Esa: kossowaben@gmail.com
[22.24, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: You are 100% correct
[22.24, 23.10.2019] Esa: Thank you
[22.24, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: I will give you updates tomorrow ok
[22.24, 23.10.2019] Esa: Great

[22.31, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: My son is trying to find out from me if these are you current informations right
[22.31, 23.10.2019] Esa: Yes, they are.
[22.31, 23.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Ok sure

Next is coming “his son” (other number):

[23.10, 25.10.2019] En Tunne: Hello
[23.11, 25.10.2019] Esa: Hello
[23.11, 25.10.2019] En Tunne: My father asked me to contact you.
[23.12, 25.10.2019] En Tunne: Can you speak English?
[23.12, 25.10.2019] Esa: Yes, Sir
[23.12, 25.10.2019] En Tunne: Can I call?
[23.14, 25.10.2019] Esa: Actually not, I am not at home, and other people are sleeping in this apartment. Please continue quietly. Tomorrow I go back but very late
[23.14, 25.10.2019] En Tunne: Can you call me when you can talk tomorrow?
[23.15, 25.10.2019] En Tunne: I’m on my way to Canada
[23.17, 25.10.2019] Esa: With my actual operator I can call only inside European Union. If you like to call, I have moment tomorrow between 11-13 In London time
[23.18, 25.10.2019] En Tunne: Ok
[23.18, 25.10.2019] Esa: 11-18 in London time, they are back of my time
[23.19, 25.10.2019] En Tunne: Send me a text tomorrow so I could call you
[23.19, 25.10.2019] Esa: Ok, I will do that.
[23.19, 25.10.2019] En Tunne: Goodnight
[23.19, 25.10.2019] Esa: Goodnight
[13.37, 26.10.2019] Esa: Hello, if it is suitable time for you, I would be ready in 5 minutes after your confirmation.
[13.39, 26.10.2019] En Tunne: Ok
[18.23, 26.10.2019] En Tunne: Hi
[18.24, 26.10.2019] En Tunne: Didn’t hear from you again
[18.26, 26.10.2019] Esa: I waited your call. But now I am in the bus still next two hours, can’t talk. Do you like share your wishes by this way?
[18.27, 26.10.2019] En Tunne: Text me when you Can talk
[18.27, 26.10.2019] En Tunne: I’ll call you
[18.27, 26.10.2019] Esa: Ok, I will
[19.17, 26.10.2019] Esa: Ok, now I stay in place, where I can talk. Hopefully the line will be clear to hear enough well, I have a little noise behind
[20.26, 26.10.2019] Esa: ….

Nigerian-Cameroon letters:
Then he move to “Canada” (really Canadian number) :

[1.38, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Hello
[1.38, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Just arrived Canada
[1.39, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: So tired
[1.39, 28.10.2019] Esa: Hello, hopefully everything fine
[1.39, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: It’s very very cold here
[1.40, 28.10.2019] Esa: Okay, it is northern winter
[1.40, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Let me sleep, I’ll go to that bank tomorrow and then let you know
[1.41, 28.10.2019] Esa: Ok, thank you.
[17.21, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Hi
[17.21, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Gudmorning
[17.22, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: I’m going to send you my father’s informations now
[17.23, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Then you will contact the bank by email for them to send you the account login information
[17.23, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Then you will have to do the transfer to your account
[17.24, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: By yourself
[17.24, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Account number. 200882055562
Account unique code. FB624255008
[17.25, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Bank name Fredrick bank
[17.25, 28.10.2019] Esa: Ok, thank you
[17.25, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: I put your names on the documents already
[17.25, 28.10.2019] Esa: Ok
[17.26, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: So they are expecting your mail
[17.49, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Please call me when you have good WiFi network
[17.49, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Let’s talk and see how we can get this money out of that bank
[20.39, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Did you send the email to the bank yet?
[20.43, 28.10.2019] Esa: Yes, first one and second one with ID
[20.44, 28.10.2019] Esa: I will be in the office in 15 minutes
[20.45, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Ok please call me.
I put your name in the documents as a second beneficiary of the funds
[20.46, 28.10.2019] Esa: Ok, I am on the road
[20.46, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Don’t tell them that my father is in any trouble okay
[20.47, 28.10.2019] Esa: Ok
[20.47, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: I told the bank that my father is doing some investment in your country
[20.47, 28.10.2019] Esa: Ok
[20.49, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: I’m praying so that they give you the login info, then you can do the transfer to your account in your bank. After that I will buy me a flight ticket from Canada to your city
[20.50, 28.10.2019] Esa: Ok, hopefully it goes well
[20.50, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: You will have to buy me a flight ticket to your city
[20.52, 28.10.2019] Esa: After transferring you can ask whatever, the money is mostly like a loan for me
[20.53, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Ok
[21.17, 28.10.2019] Esa: I am in office. We are waiting for some action about bank , or what will be next?
[21.18, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Please let me know if you get any update from the bank
[21.18, 28.10.2019] Esa: Yes, of course, in same second
[21.19, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: The only thing now is that they send you the account login information and you go ahead make the transfer to your account
[21.20, 28.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Then we can get access to the funds once it’s in your account
[2.42, 30.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: No news yet from the bank?
[5.14, 30.10.2019] Esa: No, nothing
[16.58, 30.10.2019] Esa: Hello, received information from bank about few hours more delay.
[17.42, 30.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Did you login already?
[17.43, 30.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Are you able to login to my father’s account?
[17.43, 30.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Banks are already open here
[17.44, 30.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Please let me know how the total amount
[17.44, 30.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: It should be 15m
[17.47, 30.10.2019] Esa: Not yet, they told that it was last verifying, and for final login inf. is few hours. I am waiting.
[21.53, 30.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Ok
[21.53, 30.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: I’m praying 🙏
[21.55, 30.10.2019] Esa: Me too. I hope you have good result.
[21.56, 30.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Amen👏
[21.57, 30.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: It’s very cold here can’t wait to leave this country
[22.09, 30.10.2019] Esa: Hopefully soon.
[17.31, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: 🙏
[17.32, 31.10.2019] Esa: How you can know that? 🙂
[17.32, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Know what?
[17.32, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: I’m praying 🙏
[17.32, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Hoping
[17.35, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Any news yet?
[17.37, 31.10.2019] Esa: Yes, very unusual bank, I don’t know, what to do there .
[17.38, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Just transfer the funds
[17.38, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Jesus is Lord 🙏
[17.38, 31.10.2019] Esa: I try to find right place🤔
[17.39, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Please try, I can’t even try to open it here
[17.39, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Or else they can block the account
[17.39, 31.10.2019] Esa: Yes, hardly
[17.40, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Or contact the bank by email for how to do the transfer
[17.44, 31.10.2019] Esa: I found the trick, to pay 5500 to get code. I can’t pay because we have not access to the account or fb card.
[17.46, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: What?
[18.00, 31.10.2019] Esa: It is ok, if it is real bank, they can take that fee from account. I wrote instructions for them.
[18.00, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Big man
[18.00, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Be very careful the way you talk
[18.01, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: I have never asked you to pay any money for me
[18.02, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: I have the money ok
[18.02, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: Just put your hands off this
[18.22, 31.10.2019] Esa: That’s all?
[18.32, 31.10.2019] En Tiedä Kuka: That’s all
[18.44, 31.10.2019] Esa: It was nice story, better than others.

Finally “father” again:

[18.41, 31.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: Hello good evening
[18.42, 31.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: How are you?
[18.51, 31.10.2019] Esa: Fine thanks, we got “access to the account” and game over. It was nice.
[18.52, 31.10.2019] Ben Kossowa: O don’t understand you sir
[18.53, 31.10.2019] Esa: Yes , it was not real bank.

Look at this bank, quit funny 🙂 fredrickbank.com

Nigerian-Cameroon letters

More stories in post


This SMAJSLOVA JARMILA is a funny case. They have a pretty good computer user, they get ads in special places and for free. However, nowhere does anyone write about him/her. Now let’s see what will happen if our sites crash.
So she offers loans to unknown people at cheap rates. Beautiful idea, but quite impossible. Let´s see:

The loan application is completed:
first name
Telephone number
Address – city
A copy of your ID or passport is required
Date of birth
Amount of loan
Duration of the loan
The name of your bank
the name of the account holder
Account number
Swif code

Good evening Monsieur Juhani
Here is a copy of the $ 250,000 loan agreement.
Read it and return it to me for registration with the General Tax Office.
On the other hand, you have to pay € 750 for buying the stamp and notifying the loan agreement. £ 750 paid with this account:

IBAN: ES1001829465680208892586
Owner: Miguel Angel Garcia Alvarez
Country: Spain
Bank name: BBVA

Really, there is European bank account, with someone´s name. 🙂

Looks dangerous.

I look forward to signing the agreement for further formalities.
You can also contact my bank at contact@ve-bank.com

and again

Good evening
Well received your proposal and you confirm our willingness to grant you the loan of 250000 €. On the other hand we regret to inform you that we can not accept your proposal because it is contrary to our rules. Any time we can help you and after receiving the loan on your account you will pay us the rest. You will pay € 375 and stay after receiving € 250000 in your account.
Waiting for your acceptance

They are quit modest criminals, they ask only 375€ 🙂

Please contact my bank their email address which is: contact@ve-bank.com. Their website is: www.bankve-bank.com
My charge d’affaire is waiting for your mail.