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Parisuhteen lyhyt kertaus

Nigerian-Cameroon letters

Probably you know, that some countries in Africa are famous about scams. There are lot of people who don´t work, but just plan about crazy stories. I have collected some of them and step by step I publish them. They are really funny, it is really sad, that some people believe them. The problem is that they promise lot of money, but anyway they ask money from you. When I have enough of stories, I will publish e-book about them. Let´s read. (some text are my owns) ( If you like to read more of stories look also these :

Red Cross in Damascus

First letter:

Dear Sir,

I want to invest this money in a profitable commercial organization for
mutual benefit, I invite you to associate with me and benefit from this
private Project in any good investment here in your country. I am currently
not living in your country. Keep in mind that I decided to look for someone
that is real and not imaginary, and that’s why I went to a safe place where
I can be sure that you are real. I think I can trust you, I’m in Syria now
and desperately needs to move to his country and that’s why I want to
contact me.

I am Mrs. Rahmah Sulaiman, the wife of Late Engineer (Sulaiman), a Syrian
industrialist and member of Syrian businessmen on the Damascus council.
After the death of my husband, my family is under the threat of President
Bashar al-Assad because of our strong support for a true democratic
government in Syria, that’s why they killed my husband.

Due to the current unrest in the country, many families are competing to
save their lives, as soldiers are killing civilians, women and children. I
want to inform you that I have in my possession the sum of (14.5 million US
dollars). This is the money that my husband and I have saved all our life
as an industrialist.


In secret, I put the money in a box of trunks and deposited it in the Red
Cross here in Damascus. My sincere intention in writing you is to beg you
to kindly accept the money box. This is because we can not make any bank
transfer from here after the war. These are the main problems that concern
me now. I will give you 30% of the total money.

I have to take this opportunity because I have no alternative but to trust
someone. I am an orphan without a brother or sister, so I can not risk my
life here to avoid the end of my family lineage. As a woman since my
husband is dead, all I have are my two children. They deserve a decent life
because I want them to grow up in a peaceful environment. I will move to
your country with my children and invest the money according to the law,
your advice and support; We can work together and achieve a better future
for our families.

If possible, can I ask you to send me your information? Only if you feel
comfortable with this request. This is for the sole purpose of sending you
the money. The necessary information is: your full name, your telephone
number (mobile), your full address.

I await your contact information so that we can take action. In less than 5
days, the money should have been in your position and I will come for my
money. I will give you 30% of the sum and 70% is for me because I know that
nothing is worth anything, I hope it was fair to you. I will provide you
more details. An acceptance of my offer can change your life and mine too.

I await your full details information:

Your full name…
Your adress….
Your direct telephone … your occupation … and age …

Waiting for your details.

Best regards.

Ms. Rahmah sulaiman

I sent an answer, then

Second letter:

Thanks for your many answers.

It is difficult to survive here because this is our true life story and my
two kids many people here are in deep pains and sufferings. I need your age to ascertain your maturity and capability to enable me establish good
cordial relationship. I cannot reach you by Telephone because it is
disconnected but we can communicate better on email only.

I feel delighted and comfortable dealing with you to save our situation and
I want to assure you in totality that you will never go unrewarded in
dealing with me as i have accepted you wholeheartedly because my instinct
already convinced me to relate with you in trust.

I am holding you at a high esteem as well as committed to your help. Please
do not let me down.

So exciting 🙂

Please remember, I am a widow with two kids, I love my kids so much and
their future is dependent on this funds, so I am giving you full trust and
confident, with believe that you are (capable) to handle this transaction
with me in top confidential manner for our both mutual benefit and safe

I deposited the consignment with the red cross security company here in
Syria which i will appoint you as the beneficiary  as the real owner of the
consignment box which i will designate you as the receiver.

I have considered to work with you therefore, have it in mind that your
name and details will be submitted to the security company and they will
legalized you as the real owner of the consignment box for immediate
delivery through Red cross officially Diplomatic cargo delivery directly to
your address in your Country.

Nice 🙂

Note:The delivery will go like this: once I change the consignment in your
name, it will be delivered directly to your address because the Airplane
that will be used is a Red Cross Jet, which equally has its own immunity
because of the nature of its operation worldwide.

According to the Diplomat, They usually travel via Heathrow Airport London
with a Red Cross Jet to distribute some relief materials and Artifacts from
other part of Europe to the refugees, where they have a diplomatic immunity
on ground and I have decided to use this means to move this fund in a
concealed (CONSIGNMENT BOX) out of here for easy delivery to your address
or possible pickup by you.

Secret 🙂

Please take Note of the following: MY TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

1) The Diplomat who will be in possession to deliver the box to you must
not know about the content of the box as money because i deposited it as
GOLD and Artifacts.

2) You are only entitled to remove inside the Box upon arrival, money for
your 30% as promised and to keep the remaining balance  of  70% safe for me
as i will  quickly plan toward coming to your country   and I will apply
for Visa or possible look for another alternative method to travel.

 3) I need a copy of your IDENTITY WITH PHOTO ie Passport for more
confidence to know whom i am dealing with for assurance purposes.

Note: I will send you my traveling passport copy too.

My final aim is to move this funds to your designated country where I am
planning to start up a large-scale business investment in any reliable
partner as you may be  or recommend as i am transferring this consignment
cash-box to you, through diplomatic courier service for your available
pickup and safe keeping.

All I want from you is your full identity with maximum corporation and
support with trust to actualize this golden opportunity for the future of
your family & mine as well before I will reveal to you the secret PIN CODE
of the box for your access  to your own 30% reward share, I am a woman of
my word with integrity and honor, I have a reputation as honesty is part of
my culture and i love honest people with integrity so much.

Please let our terms and agreement be maintained absolutely as stated
above, i only need your full acceptance and all will be done and I will
prepare every documentation converting the rightful ownership of the
consignment to your name which I am going to update you as soon as I
conclude the arrangement with the Diplomat here with the shipping delivery

I need your private or personal email if possible because i want everything
to be strictly confidential between us. Take my instructions and advice,
there will be NO problem because i will provide you with all the necessary
information and guidelines.

Looking forward hearing from you

Warm Greetings

Mrs Rahmah sulaiman

I sent an answer, but not a copy of real passport, then

Third letter:


Through our brief email interaction, I learned that you are a person of
great character and kind, I am glad that you really q[want to help me.
Likewise, I feel very comfortable with you and you can be absolutely sure
that your kindness will be returned infallibly and cheerfully. As I said at
the outset of this transaction, I have all the concrete evidence to confirm
to you that this transaction is 100%  and confirm to you as the recipient
and owner of the money that You have legal back from me to your country.

Thank you so kindly for your reply to my email and accept to work in
partnership with me on this project, I received the data and I proceeded to
start arranging the cash box registration and delivery with the Red Cross
agent for Your address provided
I’ll update it as soon as the box is registered tomorrow with match details
and I hope you will be in your country to receive the box itself as soon as
the matchbox.

Oh yes 🙂

I have made a proper arrangement with the agent in London who will pick up the box from London and move it to your country for you. I will ask for
your assistance in one area. You see due to the situation here in Syria, we
are unable to move freely or go to Banks to do the financial transaction as
most Banks has been shut down by the government. I want you to give the
diplomat your total support. Where any need arises for settlement of the
duty or clearance bill, kindly take care of that because I cannot handle it
from this end due to the situation here. Often times we are hiding away
from roadside bombs, suicide bombers or Airstrikes. Once the box is
delivered to you, you enter the unlock code I will give you to open the box
and take back your money

I’ll get back to you with more information from the red cross agent as soon
as the box is registered.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, please do not let me down
my good friend, leave the contract of this operation with sincerity and
confidence so that both can benefit as planned especially for the
investment structure that brings the money to your country. Please make
sure this operation is kept in confidence to avoid any eyebrow.

My greetings,

Ms. Rahmah sulaiman

I sent the answer, then

Fourth letter:


Thank you for your answer. It gave me the confidence that you really want
to do this transaction with me and I am assuring you that you will not
regret doing this transaction with me at last. I will now go to the Red
Cross base to present your information to them to commence the registration of the box in your name and favor and I will update you as the registration progresses.

I want you to know that I contacted you in this transaction
based on the fact that we can be of great assistance to each other likewise
developing a cordial business and friendly relationship. Therefore I will
like us to see each other as one family. Let us trust and believe in each
other because if there is no trust, there will be no business. Please, I
advise you to keep this deal very confidential for security reasons. Kindly
let me know the name of the nearest airport to your address. It is required
in the registration. I will update you as soon as the registration
commences on what to do. I am waiting for your answer quickly.

Mrs Rahmah sulaiman

I sent an answer, then


Thank you for your answer and the information included. I wish to inform
you that I have presented your information to the Red Cross agent and it is
my pleasure to inform that the registration has commenced and that
everything is going on well. Therefore, I advise you to show better
commitment in this transaction. Always check your emails and give me an
answer whenever I send a message to you.

Meanwhile I wish to bring to your notice the procedure for the shipment of
the box to you. After registering the box in your name and favor, the box
will be sent to London via a Red Cross relief jet. Upon arrival at London
airport, the Diplomat will receive it and then contact you for both of you
to agree on how and when he will start coming to your country to deliver
the box to you. Please note that the Diplomat will not know that the box
contains money because he will be told that it contains your personal
effects like books, clothes, jewelries and artworks. Therefore you should
not let him know or suspect that it contains money.

Lot of money 🙂

Thank you for your
understanding. I also wish to let you know that there are fees to be paid
in London before the Diplomat can receive the box from the airplane. The
fees will be for Customs, Diplomatic, and Logistic. As I told you earlier,
it will not be easy for me to send money out of here due to the reasons I
have told you before. Therefore, I seek for your assistance in paying the
fees on my behalf so that you will take the money back when you receive the
box in your country. I will be grateful if you can consider my request.

Finally, I advise you to keep this transaction very confidential for
security reasons and kindly give me an answer quickly. I am waiting.

My Regard

Mrs Rahmah sulaiman

I sent to him an answer and asked to send his account number asap 🙂 (notice, the writer is man, this is new style to use woman´s identifity)

I must be sincere and honest with you, I do not require any advance payment
from you to me for the completion of this deal.

 I only assume that if should encase the box requires to be cleared in
London or any duty payment for the clearance of the box from the customs in
London  since there will be a transit in London, and we are unable to do
any transaction from here. You should assist me send the clearance cost for
the box so that the package is not delayed in London. Because the diplomat
is just like a post man who just delivers your mail and goes, he does not
know the content of the box.

Now with regard to how much this payment will be, I am not in the position
to know but the diplomat who will be conveying the box to your country will
find out the clearance.

when the box is brought to you, I will disclose the unlock code for opening
the box so that you can have access to the money in it. You shall then
deduct your 30% share as we agreed and take out any other money you spent
while the diplomat was conveying the box to your address such as clearance
charges or whatever I wouldn’t know but be rest assured that you will have
anything spend refunded back to you. The investment of my own share of the
money will commence immediately when I arrive to your country.

The box will be sent tomorrow and the diplomat will contact you to update
you further on the delivery. Please let me have a response from you to
confirm your readiness to receive the parcel before I instruct the airlift.

My regards,

Mrs Rahmah sulaiman

And next

Good evening sir,

Thank you for your prompt reply, We lost internet network this afternoon
due to the ongoing war here, i have successful dispatched the consignment
today by air freight  to your address in , Estonia. It will be on transit at Heathrow Airport London. The Air
Plane has departed tonight via London United Kingdom en route to Ulenurme
International Airport Estonia.

Most importantly, the Diplomatic agent does not know the real content of
the box therefore, do not disclose to avoid diversion, i declared the
content as artifacts, books and jewelries. Thanks for giving me 100%
guarantee and trust. I am most delighted. I am safe and relaxed with your

Furthermore sir, you will assist me to pay United Kingdom border taxes and
customs clearance with diplomatic none checking yellow tag at Heathrow
Airport London to the diplomat because i cannot transfer out any money from
here because government has blocked all avenues for sending out electronic

Meanwhile, the diplomat will contact you with delivery schedule and also
inform you the amount as soon as possible in London which should be a
little charge. I have already spent the sum of $10,750 for Red cross air
freight charges. You have to make your self available and liaise with the
diplomat to know his arrival details from London to Estonia.

Here is the information of the red cross diplomatic office in UK as follow:

Diplomat. Henry Darwin
HDS Associates Diplomat
49 Featherstone Street
LONDON EC1Y 8SY London England
Direct line: + 44 7452 398 035
Direct email: henry.darwin@redcross-services.org

Again, i request for your maximum corporation and confidentiality. I will
travel to your country in 7 days after the arrival of the consignment into
your custody on safe keeping.

I will reveal to you the secret PIN CODE of the box for you to access it
upon arrival and remove your own 30% share and the UK expenses fee.

I am a woman of my word with integrity and honor, I have a reputation as
honesty is part of my culture and i love honest people with integrity like

Thank you once again for your kind assistance, honesty and kindness.

I am grateful and lets Keep in touch.

Best Regards,

Mrs Rahmah sulaiman.

Then he sent copy of fake passport and some photos:

Fake Syrian passport
Fake Syrian passport

I hide these people, they might be victims, too.

Fake dollars
Fake dollars

The diplomat need your private phone number, Very important. Please send me
your mobile or cell phone number.

I told not to call your office number because fellow workers.

Thank you for kind assistance.

Ms. Rahmah sulaiman.

Next morning

In the morning somebody was calling from UK number, twice…. I didn´t answer. And after half an hour, come email :

Re: ARRIVAL of Consignment Box No:00191.

I hereby acknowledge arrival of your Diplomatic consignment trunk box here in London,the shipper instructed that i must deliver directly to the receivers address door step …… Estonia.

I have commence the clearance processes, Hence you are required to pay the fees for necessary mandatory obligations here.

In view of the above, you are required to obtain your box consignment UK border permit for DIPLOMATIC NONE INSPECTION CONTROL CLEARANCE  which must be paid to the authorities here before the release of your consignment for onward movement.

The total package is as follows: Diplomatic None Checking Tag, Customs Clearance fee for your consignment  €4.840 only.

As a matter of fact, this clearance must be obtained before i can continue with the delivery to your country, I will deliver the consignment to your address as indicated from the sender but be advise to send the money needed for the release urgently.

This clearance cover will guarantee your TRUNK BOX from further inspections by Police, Customs and other security agencies. It will guarantee the safety of our delivery to your door step in Estonia without any HITCH.

You have to make urgent transfer of the funds through bank remittance, western union or money gram.

As soon as you are ready to transfer, I will furnish you details to avoid any delay.

For more information, feel free to call or send by email.

Waiting urgently.


Diplo. Henry Darwin
HDS Associates Diplomat
49 Featherstone Street
LONDON EC1Y 8SY London England
Direct line: + 44 7452 398 035.

And 5 minutes later, “Rahmah” sent email:

The BOX is in London. Please contact the Diplomat as quickly as possible.

I wrote:

Thank you, I cann´t use phone at the moment, I have long meeting. Please send details, so I run in one hour. I have enough cash here.


How stupid they are? “Diplomatic None Checking Tag” , but anyway you should pay “Customs Clearance fee”   €4.840 . About what, corruption, in UK ?

Next email:

ARRIVAL of Consignment Box No:00191.

Here is the receiving bank account as follows:

Bank: Halifax
Acc. Num: 10953XXX
Sort code: 11-04-87
IBAN: GB70HLFX11048710953XXX
Amount: €4.840.

For more information, feel free to call or send by email.

Waiting urgently.


Diplo. Henry Darwin
HDS Associates Diplomat
49 Featherstone Street
LONDON EC1Y 8SY London England
Direct line: + 44 7452 398 035

And next day:

Dear xx,

ARRIVAL of Consignment Box No:00191.

You can send by RIA OR MONEY GRAM:



SE16 2JG.

Amount: €4.840.

Alternatively, You can send through bank transfer but note that RIA OR MONEY GRAM ARE FASTER.

Here is the receiving bank account as follows:

Bank: Halifax
Name: James Fabrizio
Acc. Num: 10953466
Sort code: 11-04-87
IBAN: GB70HLFX11048710953466
Amount: €4.840.


For more information, feel free to call or send by email.

Waiting urgently.


Diplo. Henry Darwin
HDS Associates Diplomat
49 Featherstone Street
LONDON EC1Y 8SY London England
Direct line: + 44 7452 398 035.

Thank you,
everything looks so nice.
My private phone number is xxxxx

what is going on i have not heard any news from you. have you receive the
box from the diplomat ?

No, I sent the money by Money Gram and after that I didn´t hear
anything about him. Probably he has stolen whole money and has gone.

Thanks for your answers that you have given to me please my very good
friend i well like you to send me the payment information that you did so i
can forward it to the diplomat

reference number is  23673908

The money gram code you provided does not exist. Why didn’t you forward it to the diplomat if truly you made the payment? The diplomat has been
writing and calling you without any reply from you. Why?

How can you write that money gram is changeable?  Who will change it? How?

I need your clarity on this questions.

Thank you for supporting me.

Ms. Rahmah sulaiman.

Oh, I forgot the most important. Now, because you are waiting there in Cameroon, and other man is sitting there on the “safe” and waiting money to the London account. Please, print the text and go to the Money Gram office. Show paper and then you get the money. If show that paper front of mirror, then is even easier to get the good result.

They should print it and go front of mirror
They should print it and go front of mirror

End, they never answer…….


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